Tickets for professionals

Do you want to visit a show during Oerol as a professional? Here you will find all information on obtaining your tickets.

There won't be an Oerol festival in 2020 'the way people are used to it'. Oerol is investigating another format. You can read more about this in our corona update.

Online presale

Accredited professionals can buy 2 tickets per performance at a regular rate and can order during the online presale for guests, press & professionals.

The order code is linked to the personal account this year. As soon as you log in, the system recognizes you automatically. So you no longer have to enter your code.

Is someone else ordering for you? Then give that person your subscription code. You can find the code under "My Subscriptions" when you are logged in. The order code is the barcode of the professional subscription and starts with the letter P.

Accredited professionals receive a free festival wristband. You can also order a wristband with your personal account.

Tickets ordered before 8 June will be sent to you.

Even after the online pre-sale you can still order tickets online up to a day before the show (until 10 p.m.). Keep in mind that tickets may no longer be available.

Checkout at Westerkeyn

There is a special guest box at Westerkeyn, open daily from 10 a.m., where you can arrange more professional tickets directly.

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