Symposium Waddenlaboratorium

27th Wadden Academy Symposium on 21 October 2021 in the Betonningsloods on Terschelling

27th Symposium Wadden Academy

Since 2012 Oerol and the Wadden Academy have linked artists and scientists during the Oerol Festival. Over the years interesting collaborations and projects have emerged. During the 27th symposium of the Wadden Academy three projects (of Esther Kokmeijer, Stef Veldhuis and Elmo Vermijs) will be highlighted, with as underlying question whether, and if so how, the cooperation between art and science can contribute to current social challenges such as climate change and rising sea levels.

The symposium is also the official start of the Waddenlaboratorium project, co-funded by the Waddenfonds, which focuses on working together on sustainable applications for the Wadden area.

Moderator of the symposium is journalist, author and presenter Tracy Metz.

Registration for the symposium takes place via the website of the Wadden Academy (Waddenacademie) and is possible from October 1. There is room for 100 participants, with first come first served.

The meeting will be organized within the current Corona rules, which means that at the entrance through the CoronaCheck there will be checked for vaccination, negative test result or recovery certificate.

The projects of Esther, Stef and Elmo will also be on display. On October 22, 23 and 24, special Oerol lectures will be given in the Betonningsloods. More information can be found on this website from 1 October.

Photo: Tristan Visser

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