Support Oerol

Without support Oerol wouldn't be possible.

Making Oerol together

Oerol exists thanks to the support of all Oerol fans! From homered Oerol Friend to adventurous (islander) entrepreneur. With an 18% multi-year government subsidy, business partners, sponsors, the public, Friends and Donors are of vital importance. Private and business contributions form the foundation of our festival and create space for experimentation, research and talent development. After all, we make Oerol together: you blue, we yellow, together green. A sustainable landscape theater festival full of theater, dance, street theater, visual arts and music. Together we are building Oerol's future as an international pioneer in the field of landscape theater and as a pioneer in the development of location theater.

As versatile as Oerol is, the possibilities to support Oerol are as versatile. Do you have questions about the possibilities or are you interested in donating to Oerol? Feel free to send an e-mail to Tessa Kloost or make a phonecall: +31-562-448-448.

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