Pan~// Catwalk (met tolk NGT)

Performance, Beeldend theater, Physical theatre
Het Imaginaire Eiland
60 minutes
From worn-out denim jacket to extravagant glittery dress. Clothing is an expression of who we are, want to be and sometimes should be. With two performers, a violinist and an endless row of outfits, an ode is paid to the versatile nature of the human race. What does that 'second skin' say about you and me?
In a constant stream of clothing changes, Zwermers investigates the fluidity of our identity. We prefer to label everything we see, Pan~// Catwalk stimulates and undermines that human tendency. Immerse yourself in a repetitive flow, supported by a one-man orchestra of violin and loop station. 'Pan~// Catwalk makes you think about how clothing expresses identity and proves that dressing and undressing can be enough to make fascinating theater', according to the Oerol Dagkrant about the short version during the Pop-up program in 2019. Experience it yourself with this brand new full version.


Performance:  Paul van de Waterlaat 
Performance:  Inez Wolters 
Concept:  Zwermers 
Music:  Wouter De Belder 
Dramaturgical guidance:  Loes Buenen 
Technic:  Sander Verbiest 
Montage:  Beeldjutters 
Montage:  Marike Verbiest 
Fotografie:  Jostijn Ligtvoet 
Volg Zwermers
  • English
  • Online
  • All ages

Start time(s):

Friday 18 June 18:15⁠–⁠19:15
OnlineHet Imaginaire Eiland
Saturday 19 June 18:15⁠–⁠19:30
OnlineHet Imaginaire Eiland

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