Willem de Bruin / Likeminds

Spuug van God (met tolk NGT)

Beeldend theater, Text theatre, Visueel
Het Imaginaire Eiland
60 minutes
My name is Willem Arnold de Bruin. I have the same initials as our king. The color of our surnames tells the contrast between us. My mother is Dutch and my father is from Curaçao. I identify as neither.

This program item will be broadcasted with an interpreter Dutch Sign Language for people with an auditive impairment.

Willem is used to adapting to the situation. For each group he filters out a piece of Willem or adds the right elements. His personality has now become as fragmented as his identity. A chameleon changes color, but is still a chameleon. Willem also comes in different colors. But nobody knows who Willem is. Not even Willem. Spuug of God is a performance by Willem de Bruin about identity, family and being different in a traditional Dutch village.


Concept:  Willem de Bruin 
Director:  Eva Line de Boer 
Dramaturgy:  Liet Lenshoek 
Creatief Producent:  Milan van Dril 
Sound design:  Harpo 't Hart 
Fotografie:  Milan van Dril 
Fotografie:  Gilleam Trapenberg 
Costums:  Botter 
Artwork:  stikstok 
Production:  Martine Bitter 
Music:  Willem de Bruin 
Music:  Morien van der Tang 
Music:  Stephan Boers 
Music:  Jheynner Argote 
Text:  Willem de Bruin 
Video:  Richard Valk 
Vormgeving:  Theun Mosk 
Vormgeving:  Ruimtetijd 
Technische productie:  Robin Kiezebrink 
Volg Willem de Bruin / Likeminds
  • Dutch
  • Online
  • 12+

Start time(s):

Saturday 12 June 5:00⁠ – ⁠Saturday 12 June 13:00
On demand

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