Willem de Bruin / Likeminds

Spuug van God (algemene versie)

Beeldend theater, Text theatre, Visueel
Het Imaginaire Eiland
60 minutes
My name is Willem Arnold de Bruin. I have the same initials as our king. The color of our surnames tells the contrast between us. My mother is Dutch and my father is from Curaçao. I identify as neither.
Willem is used to adapting to the situation. For each group he filters out a piece of Willem or adds the right elements. His personality has now become as fragmented as his identity. A chameleon changes color, but is still a chameleon. Willem also comes in different colors. But nobody knows who Willem is. Not even Willem. Spuug of God is a performance by Willem de Bruin about identity, family and being different in a traditional Dutch village.


Concept:  Willem de Bruin 
Director:  Eva Line de Boer 
Dramaturgy:  Liet Lenshoek 
Creatief Producent:  Milan van Dril 
Sound design:  Harpo 't Hart 
Fotografie:  Milan van Dril 
Fotografie:  Gilleam Trapenberg 
Costums:  Botter 
Artwork:  stikstok 
Production:  Martine Bitter 
Music:  Willem de Bruin 
Music:  Morien van der Tang 
Music:  Stephan Boers 
Music:  Jheynner Argote 
Text:  Willem de Bruin 
Video:  Richard Valk 
Vormgeving:  Theun Mosk 
Vormgeving:  Ruimtetijd 
Technische productie:  Robin Kiezebrink 
Volg Willem de Bruin / Likeminds
  • Dutch
  • Online
  • 12+

Start time(s):

Friday 11 June 22:15⁠ – ⁠Saturday 12 June 5:00
On demand
Saturday 12 June 5:00⁠ – ⁠Saturday 12 June 13:00
On demand

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