Via Berlin Academie / Linde Leenhouts

Menselijke piramides voor het klimaat

What does climate change really mean on a global scale? Can we even imagine what happens when ecosystems actually collapse? The consequences of the subsequent imbalance are difficult to express in words alone. In this workshop, we will attempt to take on the task physically – with the goal of building a human pyramid.


Production: Juliska Retra, Concept: Linde Leenhouts
  • Category
    Circus, Experience theatre, Interactive
  • Access
    Festival Band
  • Duration
    90 minutes
  • Location
  • Location type
  • Accessibility
    All ages, Deaf/hard of hearing, Language no problem
  • Language
  • Age
    All ages

Play Times

Wednesday 15 June - 13:00
West: Noordsvaarder
Friday 17 June - 13:00
West: Noordsvaarder
Saturday 18 June - 13:00
West: Noordsvaarder
Sunday 19 June - 13:00
West: Noordsvaarder