Tryater / Ivgi&Greben

Under Wetter

The ice-skating rink has been on the Kingma family’s land for many years. Daughter Afke finds herself torn: Keep maintaining the rink, or sell the land to save her farm? The weather only rarely permits ice-skating in this day and age. A tribute to the many Frisian ice-skating rinks which – despite the warmer winters – are still in use today. 

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Supported by: Ministerie van OCW, Provinsje Fryslân and gemeente Leeuwarden.

Made possible by: Het Leeuwarder Ondernemersfonds (LOF), Het Nieuwe Stads Weeshuis and Stichting Ritske Boelema Gasthuis.


Productieleider: Amarins Jansma, Production coordination: Ekko de Bakker, Director: T Pratley, Technic: Aart Laferte, Vormgeving: Janne Sterke, Business manager: Valentijn Fit, Publicity: Berber van Oyen, Dramaturgy: Nina Thunnissen, Play: Tamara Schoppert, Play: Joop Wittermans, Play: Lourens van den Akker, Play: Gonny Gaakeer, Play: Rogier in 't Hout, Play: Mattheüs Douwes, Play: Ayisha Siddiqi, Play: Lieke Venema, Dance: Bettina Jurák, Dance: Christian Leveque, Dance: Daniel Flores Pardo, Dance: Fabrizio Di Franco, Dance: Manon Adrianow, Dance: Noa van Tichel, Director: T Pratley, Text: Wessel de Vries, Choreography: Uri Ivgi, Choreography: Johan Greben, Dramaturgy: Judith Schoneveld, Vormgeving: Janne Sterke, Costums: Hanne Pierrot, Costums: Mathilde van der Hoop, Directing assistent: Minke Hoogenboezem, Composition: Sytze Pruiksma, Music: Brandt Attema, Music: Sebastiaan Kemner


  • Duration
    120 minutes
  • Location
    39. Molkenbaks Plak
  • Location type
  • Accessibility
    no specific accessibility
  • Language
  • Age
  • Price
    € 17,50

How to get there?

Public Effort

200 m wandeling over mul zand/bospad