Het Geluid Vaart

Podcast, Geluidskunst
Het Imaginaire Eiland
60 minutes
Listening is an experience. Slowly or furiously, the sounds wave into your ears. You recognize the larger shapes and later the smaller ones, which were hiding in the surf until then. This is a portrait of the thunderous silence of Terschelling, a listening experience. As realistic as it is imaginary.

That's the feeling of "The Sound Sails. In this podcast, you listen for an hour to a specific place on the island of Terschelling. Ivar van Bekkum and Esther Polak (artist duo PolakVanBekkum) made these recordings (best with headphones!) as part of the online editions of the Oerol festival 2021; to enjoy the island-feeling from a distance. Each episode is introduced by a person who listened the recording already, and has a personal connection with another island: Curaçao. These introductions are in Dutch. If you do not master Dutch, you might want to skip the first 3 minutes of each recording, athough you might experience their emotions just from the voices.

Every start time a new episode of The Sound Sails, seven episodes in total! All episodes are available via a playlist on The Imaginairy Island.


Geluid:  Arno Peeters 
Concept:  Ivar van Bekkum 
Concept:  Esther Polak 
Artiest:  Esther Polak 
Sound design:  audiocollectief Luid en Duidelijk (Inge ter Schure en Maartje Willems) 
Artiest:  Tosca Geneste 
Artiest:  Quincy Gario 
Artiest:  Nathifa Martina 
Artiest:  Selwyn de Wind 
Artiest:  Miriam Alexander (MC Melodee) 
Artiest:  Kevin Osepa 
Artiest:  Melania Suares 
Volg PolakVanBekkum
  • Dutch
  • Online
  • All ages

Start time(s):

Friday 11 June 12:00⁠ – ⁠Saturday 12 June 0:00
On demand
Saturday 12 June 12:00⁠ – ⁠Monday 14 June 0:00
On demand
Monday 14 June 0:00⁠ – ⁠Tuesday 15 June 0:00
On demand
Tuesday 15 June 0:00⁠ – ⁠Thursday 17 June 0:00
On demand
Thursday 17 June 0:00⁠ – ⁠Friday 18 June 0:00
On demand
Friday 18 June 0:00⁠ – ⁠Saturday 19 June 0:00
On demand
Saturday 19 June 0:00⁠ – ⁠Monday 21 June 0:00
On demand

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