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A Life of Hiccups

Storytelling, Film, Visueel
Het Imaginaire Eiland
30 minutes
'The world has got the hiccups, but we will be allright.' Milda, a storyteller from Lithuania, and Tobias, a deaf storyteller from Amsterdam, are strangers to each other. They meet on a grey day in the harbour and feel a sudden connection. They share stories about finding happiness, moments of loneliness, a not always understanding world and passionately living life to the fullest.
In this film, the beauty of both spoken language as well as Dutch Sign Language is portrayed. With this production Oerol investigates the ways in which artists with and without a hearing impairment can work together to create a beautiful mix in their work.


Director:  Anastasis Sarakatsanos 
Concept:  Milda Varnauskaite 
Concept:  Tobias de Ronde 
Music:  Georgi Milev 
Camera:  Anas Khatib 
Geluid:  Rafael Romero Medal 
Production:  Gabriel Busilli 
Production:  Georgi Milev 
Concept:  Erika Zeegers 
Concept:  Farnoosh Farnia 
Advice:  Jean Couprie 
Vertaling:  Lissa Zeviar 
Vertaling:  Luca Konrad 
Vertaling:  Gerdinand Wagenaar 
Vertaling:  Ramon Fluitman 
Vertaling:  Nanda Wijntje 
Vertaling:  Edmée Hijmans 
Vertaling:  Xaver Corbet 
Montage:  Anastasis Sarakatsanos 
Montage:  Anas Khatib 
  • English
  • Online
  • All ages

Start time(s):

Sunday 13 June 0:00⁠ – ⁠Monday 21 June 0:00
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