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Froukje (met audiodescriptie)

Het Imaginaire Eiland
5 minutes
Froukje is only 18 years old when she presents her career in 2020 with her single 'Groter Dan Ik'. In one blow she profiles herself as one of the new promising artists in alternative pop. The second single 'Ik Wil Dansen' appeared last May. Froukje navigates herself with an aura of authenticity en contextual urgency in this troubled era. Her tracks are filled to the brim with intriguing vocals, a natural nonchalance and sniper-like talent for melody. Well known existential subjects are a common theme, as resfreshing as it is necessary.Every start time a new video clip of Froukje! All clips are available in a playlist on The Imaginairy Island.
  • Dutch
  • Online
  • 12+

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Monday 14 June 0:00⁠ – ⁠Sunday 20 June 0:00
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