Likeminds | Willem de Bruin

Spuug van God

What does it mean to grow up as a boy of colour in a remote Dutch village in the polder? There are many different versions of Willem de Bruin. He filters parts of his identity or embellishes it, depending on the company. His father taught him to smile at the world. A solo performance on identity.

Thanks to: Koos Groenendijk, Rik Kroef, Tim Vermeulen, Toon Rooijmans, Noortje van den Eijnde, Jules Fransen, Duncan Kuipéri, Jessica Ridderhof, Annet Malherbe, Mohamed Yusuf Boss, Anneke Rietbergen & Percy de Bruin. Big thanks to Jarrod Francisco.

Made possible by: Ministerie van OC&W, Gemeente Amsterdam.

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! Make sure you are present at the location half an hour before the start because of sunrise/sunset.


Business manager: Sanne Boersma, Artistieke leiding: Jarrod Francisco, Concept: Willem de Bruin, Director: Eva Line de Boer, Vormgeving: Theun Mosk, Music: Willem de Bruin, Music: Morien van der Tang, Music: Stephan Boers, Music: Jheynner Argote, Dramaturgy: Liet Lenshoek, Sound design: Harpo ’t Hart, Costums: Imruh Asha, Costums: Botter, Artwork: stikstok, Technische productie: Edwin Mol, Production: Marieke de Waal, Publicity: Lisette Brouwer, Technic: Daan Perris, Technic: Tom Doeven / Likeminds, Technic: Jacco Windt / Likeminds, Productie assistent: Fay Pleijsier


  • Duration
    60 minutes
  • Location
    24. Heester Dyk
  • Location type
  • Accessibility
    Deaf/hard of hearing, Walking difficulties
  • Language
  • Age
  • Price
    € 15,50

Play Times

Thursday 16 June - 22:30
West: 24. Heester Dyk
€ 15,50
Friday 17 June - 05:00
West: 24. Heester Dyk
€ 15,50
Friday 17 June - 22:30
West: 24. Heester Dyk
Dutch sign language interpreter
€ 15,50
Saturday 18 June - 05:00
West: 24. Heester Dyk
€ 15,50
Saturday 18 June - 22:30
West: 24. Heester Dyk
Dutch sign language interpreter, Schrijftolk
€ 15,50
Out of stock? Check one day before the start of the performance if there are still tickets available.

How to get there?

Public Effort

200 m wandeling over het gras