Joost Oomen & Kruidkoek

Tuut Tuut Kwantumschuim

Tuut Tuut Kwantumschuim ('Tuut Tuut Quantum Foam') is a literary and musical performance that starts 5 billion years from now, after the sun has swallowed the earth. While astronomers use physics to describe what happens, Kruidkoek and Joost Oomen use language and music. Experience great shifts in the universe first-hand.
Made possible by: Productiehuis Explore the North.


Publicity: Sander Koning, Concept: Joost Oomen, Director: Joep Hendrikx, Director: Jos Nargy, Vormgeving: Emiel Joormann, Creatief Producent: Sander Koning, Publicity: Marcia Dijkstra
  • Duration
    45 minutes
  • Location
    08. West-End Theater
  • Location type
  • Accessibility
    Blind/ visually impaired, Wheelchair user, Walking difficulties
  • Language
  • Price
    € 12,50

Play Times

Wednesday 15 June - 19:00
West: 08. West-End Theater
€ 12,50
Wednesday 15 June - 21:30
West: 08. West-End Theater
€ 12,50
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