Oerol Test Teevee

60 minutes
During Oerol Test Teevee, a different sustainable food innovation is central every day. The Innofest Testbox contains food products, issues or developments that we try and taste during an interactive live show. Your opinion gives the entrepreneurs of tomorrow a greater chance of success on the supermarket shelf. Put your taste buds in for change!
The audience tries out the products and gives live feedback. During this trial, host Wilbert or Linda will host an interactive talk show in which the entrepreneur himself is also present. Every day during Oerol Test Teevee, a different sustainable food innovation from the Innofest Testbox is central.
The box contains products from entrepreneurs with a view on the world of tomorrow. The input from the public helps these entrepreneurs to obtain a better product-market fit, so that they have a greater chance of success in the (online) supermarket shelf.

Do you want to be surprised by a new ingredient or the outcome against food waste? Do you want to use your taste buds for change? Come to Innofest Test Teevee!


Artiest:  Innofest 
Host:  Wilbert van de Kamp 
Host:  Linda Vermaat 
Production:  Rob van Wegen 
Publicity:  Jurre Plantinga 
Content manager:  Lika Verploegen 
Business manager:  Christiaan Glerum 
Organisation:  Simone Schoutens 
Organisation:  Melanie Kamping 
Organisation:  Dennis Sieperda 
Organisation:  Soraia Rodrigues 
Production:  Rob van Wegen 
Productieleider:  Rob van Wegen 
  • Dutch
  • Online
  • All ages

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