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Partij voor Hoofdzakelijk Buitenspelen

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12 minutes
Partij voor Hoofdzakelijk Buitenspelen was founded by Gebied-B together with all primary school students of Terschelling. A party that invites you to look for hidden perspectives in your own head as well as in your environment. An ode to playing outside, whether it rains or not.
We will mainly be playing
outside for the next few weeks.
Because it is necessary.
Because we want a different perspective. That
means we want to look at things from a different angle, turn them around and
let them go through our heads. Do you ever do that?
Because lately we've mostly been indoors and
only share our heads with the people around us.
Because many things are boring and little surprising.
Because we want to be misled and see opportunities.
Because we want to tilt our perspective.
Because spring is coming. And because everything needs
oxygen. And headwind.
Because our head is on an adventure in a few weeks
and it wants to come back differently.
We are the Partij voor Hoofdzakelijk Buitenspelen.
We, with you, we hope. Do you want to think along? Or even better.
Do you want to play with us? Gladly.
What we know in any case is that we are mainly going to play outside.
Let's make it a Party!


Artistieke leiding:  Karlijn Benthem 
Artistieke leiding:  Anouk Rutte 
Artwork:  Tamar Lagas 
Artwork:  Alie Popkema 
Artwork:  Sara Scholten 
Artwork:  Gerbrand Bos 
Artwork:  Joanne Purperhart 
Artwork:  Rachel Besemer 
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Friday 11 June 15:00⁠ – ⁠Monday 21 June 0:00
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