Dennis Verschoor & Mr Julyi kriya

Mono-poly & Kriya Familia

Oerol presents a versatile musical program. Intimacy and experimentation are clebrated in 'de Luwte'. Unexpected collaborations, intimate listening sessions and more... Let yourself be surprised! Chances are you'll see something here for the first (and last) time.

Dennis Verschoor aka Mono-poly packs up his complete sound studio and moves it from his workshop Worm in Rotterdam to Oerol. In this atonal laboratory of electronic boxes, devices and cables, he improvises his music, inspired by musique concrète, in which true enthusiasts will hear a hint of Stockhausen.

The collaboration with Kriya Familia, the percussion family from Rotterdam, becomes a mind-expanding improvisation in the form of a concert. Familia is just as intense as Mono-poly; the master percussionists have an impressive collection of percussion instruments with which they produce their own sound, despite inspiration from the Brazilian Amazon.
This cannot be heard anywhere else, it is experimental, it is different. In short: this is a must-see!

Thanks to: Niels Borg and family.


Publicity: dennis Verschoor, Publicity: Julio Pimentel, Publicity: Dennis verschoor
  • Category
  • Access
    Festival Band
  • Duration
    45 minutes
  • Location
    de Luwte
  • Location type
  • Accessibility
    Blind/ visually impaired, Language no problem, Wheelchair user, Walking difficulties
  • Language
    Geen dialoog
  • Age
    All ages

Play Times

Sunday 12 June - 10:00
Center: de Luwte