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In this pop-up performance, artist Dieter Missiaen and ten participants enter the public space, collectively carrying a set of benches. At an unannounced moment, we will set up the benches and actively invite people to take a seat with us. We are present, we listen. Will you help carry a bench, too?
Thanks to: Craig Weston, Sander Decuyper, Stef De Blieck, Marec Zeghers, Gwendolien Sabbe, Te Gek!?, Uitwijken – Brugge Plus, Circuscentrum Vlaanderen. Met steun van Met de steun van CirkLabo, Perplx en Miramiro.


Artiest: Dieter Missiaen, Concept: Dieter Missiaen, Concept: Els Degryse, Executive production: Dieter Missiaen, Text: Els Degryse, Text: Kommil Foo, Music: Anna Buevich, Music: Anouk Sanczuk


  • Category
    Experience theatre, Interactive
  • Duration
    180 minutes
  • Location
    West-Terschelling en Midsland
  • Location type
  • Accessibility
    All ages, Blind/ visually impaired, Wheelchair user, Walking difficulties
  • Language
  • Age
    All ages

Play Times

Friday 10 June - 13:30
Center: Kerk Midsland
Saturday 11 June - 13:30
Center: Kerk Midsland
Sunday 12 June - 13:30
Center: Kerk Midsland
Monday 13 June - 13:30
Center: Kerk Midsland
Tuesday 14 June - 13:30
Center: Kerk Midsland
Wednesday 15 June - 13:30
West: Westerkerk
Thursday 16 June - 13:30
West: Westerkerk
Friday 17 June - 13:30
West: Westerkerk
Saturday 18 June - 13:30
West: Westerkerk
Sunday 19 June - 13:30
West: Westerkerk