Anouk van Kolfschoten & Lola Bogaert

Het eiland vertelt

Installation, Geluidskunst, Documentair theater
Duinmeertje Hee
90 minutes
For hours, Anouk and Lola talked to participants, artists, volunteers and employees of Oerol and habitants of Terschelling; searching for treasures from the Festival that were hidden away in their memories. During an audiowalk they share their stories: the most b eautiful, touching and meaningful memories of 40 years Oerol. You'll find these stories at the locations where they actually took place.


Artwork:  Lonneke Weuring 
Dramaturgy:  Sara Vanderieck 
Production:  Simon Monbaliu 
Production:  Louai Hashem 
Text:  Anouk van Kolfschoten 
Text:  Lola Bogaert 
Technic:  Dominique Defossez 
Concept:  Lola Bogaert 
Concept:  Anouk van Kolfschoten 
Artiest:  Anouk van Kolfschoten 
Productieleider:  Louai M Hashem 
  • Dutch
  • Open-air
  • All ages

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