About Oerol


Oerol's core team of ten (parttime) employees is responsible for laying the foundation of every new festival edition.

Currently working for Oerol:

Siart Smit managing director, Kees Lesuis artistic leader, Mirjam Hartlief head of business operations and festival management, Ada Plinck head of production and festival management Sabine Pater programming coordinator, Marin de Boer creative producer Expedition projects, Enny Breukel financial administration, Bodil Swart secretariat and management support, Afke Nel Smit volunteer secretariat, Sietze Hamstra volunteer Vrienden van Oerol, Willie Buren – Oosterhuis volunteer office management Wendy Moonen programmer Pop-up performances and the Westerkeyn, Peter Dijkstra music programmer, Peter Reen music programmer, Farnoosh Farnia creative producer the Betonning and Playground, Antsje van der Zee creative producer Atelier Oerol/Over het IJ and producer Moving Landscapes, Esther Drijver head of marketing Eva Verhoeven coordinator content, Wilco Admiraal junior marketeer, Paula Bisschop traffic manager marketing, Jules de Keiser content marketeer, Roos Naves fundraising and relationship management, Kirsten de Bruijn coordinator Oerol All-in, Charise Bakker marketing & communications intern, Kim de Jager marketing & communications intern, Jacomijn Terpstra general internship, Gerard Paulissen head of travel department, Manja Mulder employee travel department, Judith Scheepers employee travel department, Anne Wabeke employee of travel department, Sjoerdtje Postma employee travel department, David Jansen chief technician, Iemke Lurvink production coordinator theatre shows, Aline de Jonge production coordinator theatre shows, Marloes van den Berg production coordinator theatre shows, Jaap van Eggelen producer music program, Robin Voskuilen junior producer music program, Yeroen Feenstra junior producer Pop-up performances, Sanne van Loenen and Chrisje Loman interns production department, Marinthe de Hek coordinator volunteers department, Lisette de Haart assistant coordinator volunteers department, Floortje Jochems junior assistant coordinator volunteers department, Jose Beesems coordinator hospitality department, Anne-Maaike Stapel coordinator guest opening, Ron da Costa system control, Heleen Moors festival management assistance, Marie-Louise Calame project leader tickets sales & website, Daphne Kamp coordinator horeca , Marjoke Hopman programmer and producer program Vrienden van Oerol, Fanny Bordier programmer LAND seminar and external advisor, Hanneke Bramer producer seminar

Joop Mulder Founder


Were would Oerol be without them! Every year there are more than 1.000 volunteers who support us. They are essential and irreplaceable.

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