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Do you want to contribute to Oerol and experience the festival in a unique way? Register as a volunteer for Oerol 2019!

Oerol 2020: Imagine Your Island

From Friday the 12th of June the warm-up will start, from Monday the 15th of June we will go live for five consecutive days. Together with the creators, an up-to-date programme has been put together that will largely take place virtually. Wherever you are: you will experience the island, as always, through the eyes of the creators, and the island feeling will never be far away! Read more here.

Unfortunately due to the measureas around the coronavirus Oerol will not be employing volunteers for this year's edition. Therefore it is not possible to apply this year.

Volunteer at Oerol: this is how it works

In June, the Oerol crew expands with around 1000 volunteers who help to make Oerol a success. Without you there is no Oerol! Do you want to contribute to Oerol and experience the festival in a unique way?

This page contains all of the information about what it means to be a volunteer.

Please note: As a volunteer you will work about, and maximum, 7 hours per day. Because the festival lasts from the early morning until late at night your working hours can vary on a daily base/per day. There is plenty of time to enjoy the festival and the island next to your shift.

But, what’s in it for you?

In exchange for your efforts you’ll receive from Oerol:

  • a free camping spot (on the day of arrival, departure and working days)
  • an employee wristband (which grants you access to the festival terrains and expeditions)
  • a delicious lunch and/or diner during your shift
  • discount on drinks at the Oerol café on the Westerkeyn
  • the one and only Oerol crew-shirt
  • 50% discount on renting your bike
  • and last but not least: 50% discount on performances if you work 6 to 13 days and 75% discount if you work more than 13 days.

During Oerol you work in a tight and diverse team of volunteers. Since there are about 1000 people volunteering for Oerol, we think it is important that everyone feels seen and heard. The whole team is working hard to achieve this. We think it is an honour you want to become part of the festival. You will meet a lot of new and fun people, you will get to peek behind the scenes of a very special festival and besides you will have the time to plunge into all the beauty the island has to offer.

Travel and Stay at Oerol

We will book your camping spot on Terschelling on the days you will be working(from the day you arrive until the day you leave) at one of the campsites listed below. We book a place without electricity. Do you want power anyway? Then you can arrange this with the campsite manager in consultation and against payment, if this is a possibility at the campsite where you sleep.

Please note: these camping spots are meant for small tents (2 to 3 people). Unfortunately, there is no room for large tents.

The campsites where you can stay during Oerol:

  • Camping Swartduin, veld Hop (Staatsbosbeheer)
    Staatsbosbeheer Camping on West. Cozy, small. At night a campfire is build on the volunteer field. Ideal if you have to work in the West.
  • Camping Cnossen
    As Oerol, we have a few places on this campsite, not a separate volunteer field. Quiet campsite.
  • Camping De Kooi
    Large camping, centrally located. No separate volunteer field, as a volunteer you will stand between the other guests. Nice place if you have the need for some privacy or if you want to be on a campsite together with a group of friends.
  • Camping Terpstra
    Centrally located at Terschelling’s main road, right next to the Westerkeyn festival site. A pleasantly busy campsite with one large volunteer field. If you have the need for some peace and quiet, we recommend you to choose another campsite.
  • Camping Nieuw Formerum
    Centrally located against the edge of the forest and dunes. There is a special field for volunteers (same as last year). In previous years the number of volunteers who wanted to be on this site was larger than the number of available spots. So, keep in mind that there is a good chance that we cannot place you on this campsite.
  • Camping Appelhof
    Fun camping. During Oerol there are no big groups of partying youngsters, so it is a relatively quiet campsite. All of the volunteer tents will be grouped together here as well.

In the registration form you can indicate which campsite you prefer.

The Ferry

To arrive at Terschelling you take the ferry from Harlingen Haven. Write down which arrival- and departure date you submitted, so you can book the right ferry. Do this as soon as possible.

You can book the ferry via www.rederij-doeksen.nl. The costs of the passage are for your own expenses. You can change the date and time of your ferry ticket if necessary, as long as you do this before the booked ferry has departed.

Please note: around Oerol a lot of the ferries are sold out. Be careful when cancelling or rebooking your ticket. Due to this busy time and the division of teams we use fixed arrival- and departure dates. These days are not counted as working days.

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