News  13 June 2021

Wake up on the waves of Radio Oerol

Every day we broadcast Radio Oerol from a secret place on Terschelling. Gian van Grunsven takes us with her from 9.00 - 14.00 hours.

We'll talk to artists who are working on the island, follow artistic director Kees Lesuis on his tour of the island, meditate with Nora Ramakers at the same time as the whole of the Netherlands, collect playlists of staff and artists and share them with you, and so on and so forth. Read what's on the program every day in the Dagkrant!

Tune in to Radio Oerol at your campsite, in your office or in your car and submit your requests by calling 06-58849253.

Missed the broadcast? Radio Oerol can be listened to until Sunday 20 June 0.00 hrs.

(Radio Oerol is Dutch spoken )

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