News  15 June 2021

Suppose you have passed away

Suppose you have died, too soon. There are still things you would have liked to finish, you still had new dreams to chase, maybe children who you would have liked to see grow up and make something of their lives.

Meanwhile, your loved ones live on. Your friends make new friends, your last lover has a new lover, your nice neighbor seems to have forgotten you very quickly. Would you still want to hang out with them? And what does it mean for all lives if you come back to life?

(from the Dagkrant, June 14 | Text: Aybala Carlak)

The sequel to The Year of the Schlager, in which BERG&BOS commemorate their deceased friend. We are now 10 years later. The planned performance became a radio play. From today on a new episode can be heard every day on The Imaginary Island. Also every day an episode on Radio oerol.

image: Nichon Glerum

BERG&BOS - Ik ben er ook nog - Het Imaginaire Eiland

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