News  9 April 2021

Start ticket sales Oerol 2021 Friday 28 May

Oerol Festival 2021 one step closer

The complete Oerol program can be found on this website from Thursday 6 May!

And make a note in your agenda:

Monday, May 10, 8:00 PM
Start sale of admission bands (for Friends of Oerol from Thursday 6 May 8:00 pm)

Friday May 28, 8:00 PM
Start ticket sales (for Friends from Wednesday 26 May 8:00 pm)

Although the Festival will look different than usual, the program is almost as big as it is different and qualitatively as you can expect from Oerol. The limited capacity of a maximum of 50 visitors per part of the program means that Oerol can receive fewer visitors this year than in previous years.

This year's theme is CONNECT, in which Oerol, together with the makers and visitors, looks for how we will continue after the pandemic. It gives us the opportunity to question each other again and to get to know each other again. We look at our society, the landscape and nature with new eyes. In this way, the performances at the Festival have also been given a new light. New, hybrid ways have been sought and performances that were already on the roll have been given a different context.

Imagine Your Island

In addition to the physical program, it is also possible to follow a ten-day program online on Het Imaginaire Eiland. Such as the daily morning and evening talk show, Het Kookeiland from Tuin om Oost and Untitled_2021 by Nineties Productions, which is also made on Terschelling. Admission is included in the admission band or can be purchased separately.

From Friday, April 9, the permit application for Oerol Festival 2021 will be available for inspection by residents of Terschelling at the municipal office.

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