News  23 April 2020

Show everybody that you miss Oerol!

We designed some very nice T-shirts for you to show that you miss Oerol this year.

Just like you, we are very disappointed that Oerol 2020 cannot continue as we are used to. Honestly: we have shed some tears. But the most important thing is that each one of you is and remains healthy. Still, we can imagine that you want to show that you care for Oerol. And now you can!

Our in-house designer Else Boekema made a number of unique Oerol T-shirts especially for the 2020 edition. Each T-shirt will be screen-printed by hand using durable ink. The soft fabric in the colour Denim Blue is made of fabric that consists of 70% sustainably grown bamboo and 30% organic cotton. There are multiple designs, both in a men's and a women's model. Our bet is that you really want to wear this one!

If you purchase your T-shirt before 1 June, we guarantee that you will receive your order before the 12th of June, the date that Oerol 2020 would start. Warning: you might bump into like-minded Oerolfans with your new outfit in the period from 12 to 21 June! Of course only at a distance of 1.5 metres.

With your purchase, you will be supporting Oerol in these challenging times. We are already grateful for that!

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