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Program Imagine Your Island

Read more about the program, ticket sales and the language no problem performances here.

During Oerol 2021 from 11 - 20 June, The Imaginary Island will again be the stage for a special online program.

After the physical Festival unfortunately could not take place new plans have been made for Oerol 2021! For the public, Imagine You Island, Oerol's online platform launched last year, will again be the medium where creators and visitors meet. This year with Radio Oerol and the digital Dagkrant. Yay!

In addition, Oerol is the development place for new location art. This year Oerol will continue to play a role in the creative process of the makers. Oerol offers a range of artists and companies the opportunity to further develop themselves (on the island) and to experiment.

Imagine Your Island

During the ten days, there will again be a virtual program for the public on The Imaginary Island. With a daily Talkshow, a seven-part podcast series, concerts and clips, a storytelling film (in spoken and sign language), cooking workshops and four specially created performances by Likeminds/Willem de Bruin, Nineties Productions, Zwermers and Kompagnie Kistemaker.

Ticket sales for Imagine Your Island and ticket sales for a number of performances has started!

Please note, not all performances are suitable for non-Dutch speakers. Find the list of performances below.

Performances suitable for non-Dutch speakers

Nineties Productions has experimented a great deal this year with online performances and has even built its own digital environment for this purpose. Especially for Oerol, the performance Untitled_2021 will be played on Terschelling and streamed live. A fictional story inspired by the ideas of feminist philosopher, biologist, sociologist Donna J. Haraway and others and based on the not so fictional situation in which the world now finds itself: "To live and die together on a damaged planet, we need stories that help us imagine a livable future". The show premieres on Thursday, June 17.

A special project is the short film A Life of Hiccups. A film that crosses all boundaries of communication. In which sign language, like all other languages, is used as an art form. Written and performed by Milda Varnauskaitė & Tobias de Ronde. The film that can connect in an inclusive society where half is spoken in sign language and half in English. With both English and Dutch subtitles. A Life of Hiccups will premiere on Sunday, June 13.

Exactly 10 years ago BERG&BOS performed at Oerol with Het jaar van de slag, about a friend who had died 10 years earlier. Now, ten years later, BERG&BOS would be making a performance at the place that is so dear to them, Terschelling, where it all began. The makers decided to come to Terschelling after all and make a musical radio play in five parts about learning to live with loss, being forgotten and how long you can live in memories. You can listen to Ik ben er ook (I'm here too) from Saturday, June 15.

Digital Daily Newspaper (Dagkrant)

The Dagkrant can be read for free, online, for ten days. With background articles about the program on The Imaginary Island, the festival schedule, the guide for Radio Oerol and of course this year's call-outs. The Dagkrant can be found on The Imaginary Island and on Or subscribe to our newsletter and you will receive it in your virtual mailbox for ten days.

Oerol Next

Based on the motto 'Oerol as a workshop for a viable future', the organization is now focusing on the creative process of the makers. After a period of stagnation, there is a great need for theater makers and artists to continue developing and shaping new plans and to test them among peers. Thus, Oerol draws together with them to work on new projects and on the sustainable foundations for a renewed Festival in a 'post-covid' society. This takes shape in three ways:

  • Oerol Lab: A diverse group of 15 (young) makers from the original program is invited to engage in an artistic encounter for five days. In which location-based work and interdisciplinary exchanges are the starting point.
  • Residencies: The number of residencies will be expanded. Artists will come to Terschelling at the invitation of Oerol and be inspired by the island. A number of residencies will result in performances that can be seen during the Festival in 2022 or 2023.
  • Assembly: For a number of companies that were in the original program, it is important that their performance is completed on location, so that it can be played at other location festivals or in the theater later in the year. A number of these performances will be seen during Oerol Spoelt Aan that will be open to the public on June 24 till 27 at Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie in Leeuwarden.

Sad but true. None of the activities on Terschelling are open to the public.

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