News  4 February 2021

Oerol organization is working with full energy on the Festival program

COVID-19 has been chasing us for much longer than expected. But with an enthusiastic program team - with new names and functions - we continue to develop a strong substantive program

New names and changing roles in the artistic team

In order to further shape the ambitions from the four-year plan "Oerol - workplace for a livable future", a number of shifts have taken place within the program team, with a new role for Sabine Pater as head of Programming.

As of September 1, artistic director Kees Lesuis has handed over the final editing of the festival program to Sabine Pater, who will therefore be responsible for the program for the coming editions. Kees can thus focus on the further year-round developments of the Festival, such as the Workshop with, among others, Het Atelier and the residences. He continues to monitor Oerol's artistic direction and is responsible for the international professional networks including the European IN SITU and the LAND network.

Kees Lesuis: “With confidence I look forward to the new impulse that Sabine and the program team will give to the Festival for a new generation of makers and audience. In addition to the love for the island, Joop Mulder has taught us the importance of continuing to develop and pioneering. This legacy is in good hands with Sabine and her team.

New head of Programming Sabine Pater

In her new position as head of Programming, Sabine Pater heads the program team and is the programmer of the theater program. Sabine has been working at Oerol since 2013. She started as a freelance creative producer and has been a permanent part of the organization since 2014. She worked closely with Kees, from 2018 as Programming Coordinator.

Sabine Pater: “In recent years I have enjoyed helping to shape the Festival and I am happy to take the next step. Oerol's programming is and will remain innovative. Last year we showed with Het Imaginaire Eiland that we as a team continue to put the development of art and its power first. We have written a strong plan for the future, which I will give substance to with great energy. ”

Photo: Isabelle Renate la Poutré

Program team

Sabine and Kees do not do it alone. They are assisted by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable program team:

New - Motel Mozaïque
Oerol has entered into a creative partnership with the Rotterdam festival Motel Mozaïque (MoMo). Harry Hamelink, artistic director of MoMo, was previously involved as a music programmer with Oerol and then, for example, initiator of Kytopia on Oerol by Colin Benders. He programs the music for the next edition in a new form and does this together with young talented artists and music programmers. It represents a change of course in which we offer interesting musicians to use Oerol as a development place and workplace for new work.

Farnoosh Farnia has been involved with Oerol for a number of years as a programmer of the Betonning. From 2021 she will be a permanent programmer with us! This year she is the pivot in the Talks program and she gives shape to the festival location De Betonning in 2021.

Marin de Boer has been curator and creative producer of the Expedition programming since 2016; the visual projects in which art, nature and science meet in the landscape of Terschelling. In addition, she gives Tuin om Oost, a new festival location with the theme of food for the future, conceptual shape.

Wendy Moonen is artistic director of Festival Circolo and programmer at Oerol since 2013. In 2021 she will also be responsible for the Pop-up performance program, which will spread across the island. She is also developing Bos Formerum, a new festival location.

Photo: Jelmer de Haas

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