News  17 June 2021

Oerol Lab for artists on Terschelling

For the second time, no physical interaction with a live audience; no tears over a nesting harrier or a rare orchid on your location; no wonder at the perfect timing of birds flying overhead. And no encounters between creators.

To keep Oerol inspiring, innovative and challenging in the years to come, we have decided that we need to take steps now. Therefore, we are organizing the Oerol Lab, a five-day artistic encounter between young makers from different disciplines and the Oerol programmers. For five days they will immerse themselves in discussions, work sessions and visits to projects and presentations on the island around the phenomenon of location theater and current artistic issues.

The Lab takes place at various locations on Terschelling. The Oerol Lab is led by Kees Lesuis, artistic director of Oerol and Ira Judkovskaja, interim coordinator of the program team.

Oerol Next

The Oerol Lab is part of Oerol Next. Based on the motto 'Oerol as a workshop for a liveable future', the organization is now focusing on the creative process of the makers. After a period of stagnation, there is a great need among theater makers and artists to continue developing and shaping new plans and to test them among peers. Thus Oerol is pulling together with them to work on new projects and on the sustainable foundations for a renewed Festival in a 'post-covid' society. This takes shape in three ways:

  1. Oerol Lab: A diverse group of 15 (young) makers from the original program is invited to engage in an artistic encounter for five days. In which location-based work and interdisciplinary exchanges are the starting point.
  2. Residencies: The number of residencies will be expanded. Artists will come to Terschelling at the invitation of Oerol and be inspired by the island. A number of residencies will result in performances that can be seen during the Festival in 2022 or 2023.
  3. Assembly: For a number of companies that were in the original program, it is important that their performance is completed on location, so that it can be played at other location festivals or in the theater later in the year. A number of these performances will be performed during Oerol Spoelt Aan from June 24 through 27 at Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie in Leeuwarden.

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