News  11 January 2021

Joop Mulder passed away unexpectedly

On January 10, 2021 it was announced that Joop Mulder -the founder of Oerol- has unexpectedly passed away

The funeral will take place on Tuesday, January 19 at 2.30 pm in a private circle. Via this link it is possible to watch a memorial film made by Terschelling TV together at that time. Language no problem.

Joop Mulder owned café de Stoep on Terschelling in 1982 and conceived the plan to organize a theater festival on Terschelling. What started as a small-scale festival has grown into one of the largest on-site theater festivals in Europe with around 50,000 visitors annually. The 40th edition will take place this year. Artists from home and abroad and the public have come together in the Terschelling landscape, in which experiment plays a major role.

When he left in 2017, a prize for new talent was created that bears his name: the Joop Mulder Plak.

Joop Mulder had been struggling with health problems for some time, but passed away unexpectedly. He was 67 years old. We will miss his inspiration, ideas and inexhaustible energy.

With his tenacity and stubbornness, he went against the grain and ensured a festival that can no longer be ignored. Oerol is an important pillar within the national and international cultural network. With Oerol, culture became part of the island, Terschelling gained more fame and an economic boost.

Image: Ben Bouwmeester

Joop Mulder further expressed his love for the versatile Wadden region in Sense of Place. What started as a sub-project on Oerol grew into a series of cultural landscape projects along the Wadden coast. With Sense of Place, Joop Mulder connected the inhabitants, authorities, village interests, nature organizations, artists, farmers and country people to make this beautiful landscape and its culture visible to a wider audience.

Joop Mulder leaves an indelible impression both within the cultural world and among culture lovers. He has been of great importance for the development of location theater and art in public space.

Image: Post from Hessdalen | Nichon Glerum

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