News  30 September 2020

Do I Move You - digital program

Oerol has decided to cancel the new mini festival Oerol Upcoming - Do I Move You on Terschelling in October.

Long live the internet!

The tightened measures regarding COVID-19 due to increasing infections have meant that our live program on Terschelling cannot continue. Fortunately, we still have our digital program!

From Friday 23 October to Sunday 25 October you can follow four routes and listen to podcasts via Het Imaginaire Eiland - for free.

We thank you for your trust, patience and flexibility! And we will certainly not give up: we will be back soon.

Photo: Dionne Verwey | Nynke Brandsma | Design: Elspeet

Digital program from Friday 23 October

The program would consist of two physical routes on Terschelling and a digital route via Het Imaginaire Eiland. Because art is and will always be necessary, the digital program can be seen and heard from Friday 23 October. The program is offered free of charge.

There are, among other things, four Paquetten based on the theme 'how militant are you', a personal route composed by four artists: rapper, actor and writer Akwasi, multidisciplinary design and rap duo Lionstorm, the Afghan-Dutch writer and rapper Massih Hutak and Namibian-Belgian singer-songwriter Shishani Vranckx.

Jennifer Muntslag will talk to a number of makers and you will find an audio story by Ogutu Muraya. A number of performances from Het Imaginaire Eiland in June that fit within the theme Do I Move You will be added.

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