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Diederik Kreike is the winner of the Joop Mulder Plak 2021 with a queer.obj

On September 18, the Joop Mulder Plak 2021 was awarded in Harlingen by the artistic director of Oerol, Kees Lesuis

Joop Mulder Plak

The Joop Mulder Plak is awarded annually as an incentive prize to the maker who has shown exceptional work at Oerol. In the spirit of the founder Joop Mulder, who passed away on 10 January 2021, the jury focuses on artistic pioneering, uniqueness and a sense of place. The prize is accompanied by a sum of €10,000.

In addition to the online edition of Oerol 2021, Oerol Next was developed on Terschelling, where creators worked together in Oerol Lab, were in residence or edited their performance so that it could be played afterwards. The four nominees (Kompagnie Kistemaker, Ritzah Statia, Sien Vanmaele and Diederik Kreike) all delivered an exceptional performance, developed extraordinary work, threw themselves fully into working on location and took on new challenges. Both in the physical landscape and in the digital one.

The professional jury, led by interim head of programming Ira Judkovskaja , consisted of the artistic director Kees Lesuis and the programmers of Oerol: Farnoosh Farnia, Wendy Moonen, Harry Hamelink and Marin de Boer.

Jury report

Diederik Kreike and team showed the first results of the project a queer.obj on Terschelling as part of Het Atelier (the joint talent development project of Oerol and Over het IJ Festival). There they invited the public to join them in a quest for new stories and a new language. The project addresses the struggle of forming one's own identity in a world where social media influence this process. Society's expectations of how we present ourselves digitally, but also the loneliness and harshness involved, are intensely felt in their work.

The jury recognizes the daring of Diederik Kreike to make a performance on this theme at this location. The interaction that arose during the work process with local residents and the way in which the team created a bond with them and was able to take them into the theme of the performance was very special. There was a quality to the way the location and the surrounding landscape were used in the performance.

The jury wants to stimulate the work and mission of Diederik Kreike and sees what he can achieve when given the space to create what is important to them without restrictions.

Extra one-off prize Kompagnie Kistemaker

The previous nine parts of Mission Márquez played in theaters or as a location performance at Oerol Festival, but Mission Márquez On the Road to the End (parts 10,11 & 12) ends up as a theater film. The way Kompagnie Kistemaker embraced this fate and radically transformed the final parts of the show into film shows courage and resilience. The magic of theater is recognizable and palpable through the way the entire film was shot in one take. In doing so, she has shown how location theater can be used on the digital platform. This is not a film adaptation of theater, this is an ode to the imagination.

The jury praised the playfulness and uncompromising nature of Mission Márquez; its flexibility and resilience splashed off the screen. The way in which the film succeeds in carrying both the serious context of the corona crisis and the lightness it brings with it in a single gesture is very special. The jury is very curious to see what else Kompagnie Kistemaker will surprise us with now that this chapter is closed.

The jury was so impressed with this special performance by Kompagnie Kistemaker that Oerol is awarding an extra one-off prize this year. As a special appreciation for this project Kompagnie Kistemaker will receive a cheque of €2.500.

The amount of money for the Joop Mulder Plaque is raised by Friends of Oerol, Oerol Supporters, Oerol Pioneers and De Markies.

Image: Nienke Maat

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