News  29 October 2021

Anne van Dooren new head of Production at Oerol Festival

Anne van Dooren (41) will start as Head of Production on 1 November, succeeding Ada Plinck.

Oerol Festival is a ten-day location theater festival in June on Terschelling, and has existed for 40 years. The Head of Production works for a large part of the year preparing for the Festival and is responsible for, among other things, the choice of locations in consultation with the producers and those involved, the planning of the festival grounds and the permit application. During events and the Festival in June, the Head of Production manages a team of production leaders.

Anne: "I'm really looking forward to working with all the different people who make Oerol. After 40 years, Oerol still has a pioneering and leading role. We need to maintain and continue that."

In love with Oerol and Terschelling
Anne has been visiting the Festival for over 15 years. On her first visit in 2005 she not only fell in love with the Festival, but also with the island. As a visitor or volunteer she then returned regularly. In 2017 and 2018 she worked for Oerol as Volunteer Coordinator.

Anne: "Oerol and the island obviously have an irresistible attraction for me, because here I am again. Oerol occupies a unique position in the cultural field. Precisely because it is on Terschelling. A unique festival in a unique place. You often hear people say that this is only possible on Oerol. That's what makes it so special for me."

Location visits
Anne has already paid several site and work visits in recent weeks: "It's inspiring to hear the ideas of the creators and to search together for the best location that inspires and challenges them. Moreover, during such a visit we look at how these plans can be supplemented or reinforced by what is present on the island."

For this position Anne is moving to Terschelling. Previously, Anne worked as production manager at Nationale Opera & Ballet.

Photo: Tim Stet

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