Joop Mulder Plak

Stimulation prize for talented makers at Oerol

Oerol experiments, innovates and researches, because talent really gets a chance at this festival. We want to stimulate talent ourselves and welcome pioneers. As a tribute to the initiator of the festival, Joop Mulder, we present the Joop Mulder Plak every year to an artist who develops surprising work in the Terschelling landscape. This incentive prize offers artists the opportunity to develop further.

This year everything is different, including the Joop Mulder Plak. This year, the committee went in search of the maker who during Het Imaginaire Eiland was able to shape the connection with the remote audience in a special way. This incentive prize for talented makers who are pioneering surprising work in a period in which we are all looking for connection and collectivity.

This year the Joop Mulder Plak will go to Jennifer Muntslag and Dionne Verwey for their Talk shows during Het Imaginaire Eiland. In 2019 the Joop Mulder Plak was awarded to Emke Idema. In 2017, the artist duo Hart van Veen won and in 2018 Bart van de Woestijne won the incentive prize.

Questions about donating to the Joop Mulder Plak? Mail Tessa Kloost: or call 0562 448 448.

Photo: screenshot zoom meeting on November 17

Dionne Verwey and Jennifer Muntslag

The jury was unanimous in its decision: "With the talk shows they designed for 'Imagine Your Island', they not only made the connection between the program and the audience, but they have their own curiosity, who they are and the story they want to tell translated into an extensive program of ten broadcasts. They have plunged with us into the new medium of online live television, both for us and for themselves. They have worked very intensively with Erika Zeegers, the sign language interpreter on 'Imagine Your Island', and worked with her as a team to make the talk shows more accessible. They also fully participated in the intensive collaboration with Terschelling TV, which, as a partner of Oerol, provided many of the livestreams on Het Imaginaire Eiland. "

All these things added together make them the clear winner of the Joop Mulder Plak 2020 for the committee. With this incentive prize we give them the opportunity to develop their own work for Oerol. The prize consists of € 10,247 and was raised by donors and sponsors.

The prize could not be awarded live due to the COVID-19 measures. They received the Joop Mulder Plak on 7 November. A festive zoom meeting was organized on 17 November with the entire committee, the two winners and Gerrit-Jan Moes from Terschellinger TV (TSTV) who streamed the talk shows live from Terschelling.

Photo: Jennifer Muntslag (l) and Dionne Verwey receive the prize to their surprise

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