Imagine Your Island

Imagine your Island | Het Imaginaire Eiland: Oerol puts imagination centre stage

Despite the coronavirus, blood is thicker than water. The arts and everything Oerol stands for, have made a restart. Friday the 12th of June the warm-up will start, from Monday the 15th of June we will go live for five consecutive days.

Together with the creators, an up-to-date programme has been put together that will largely take place virtually. Wherever you are: you will experience the island, as always, through the eyes of the creators, and the island feeling will never be far away!

Program The Imaginary Island

The warming-up starts on Friday 12 June and the complete program will be online. We will be in the air for five days from Monday 15 June. Visitors can wander through our new, up-to-date program on our website, Het Imaginaire Eiland, from 15 to 19 June. Every morning at 7:00 AM the Morning Mail falls into your virtual mailbox in which our captains Jennifer de Jong and Dionne Verwey tell you what will happen that day. Wherever you are: you will experience the island, as always, through the eyes of the makers and the island feeling will never be far away!

A new day every day

Every day is different and has a theme such as Toekomstbouwers (Future Builders), Blikverruimers (Canisters) and No man is an island. There are live performances, but also program parts that you can see or hear "anytime". We have DIY projects and interactive projects. Podcasts and zoom measurements. Coloring pages and meet & greets.

Live every day

There are regular live program parts such as the TjifTjaf morning show at 10:00 and the De Avond In at 21:30, both led by our captains. The Oerol Café at 5.30 pm and the cooking show Het Kookeiland at 6.30 pm. Anytime Many parts can be done or followed "anytime". Podcast walks in your own environment, cultivating zeekraal in your own home, following Terschelling 24/7 through the continuous performance of Benjamin Vandewalle. A lot of live program remains available to look back at a later time.

Never sold out

Many of the parts have unlimited capacity, but some are limited and accessible through draw, contest or first come, first served. You can read how this works in our Newsletter and Morning Post.


We think it is important that The Imaginary Island is accessible to everyone. For example, pre-recorded videos will be subtitled as much as possible and some live events assisted by a sign interpreter. In addition, all auditory program components will be offered under one button, with a number of activities being initiated by a blind interpreter.

Island feeling

You can get the taste of the island sent to your home in a special Island box, join the INNOFEST test panels or give the Emke Idema Hug Pack to someone who needs it.

Oerol live (in autumn)

If possible, we will organize a pop-up festival in the autumn to celebrate life together with the islanders. Here presentations can be given of ready-made work. With this event we can also do something in return for the support we received and generate an impulse for the island.


The Imaginary Island is made possible in part by sponsors and subsidizers. But certainly also by the overwhelming support of Friends of Oerol, Donors and buyers of Oerol fanwristbands.

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