First time at Oerol?

Oerol is easy to arrange! This is all you need to know so you can set off well prepared for your very first Oerol. You’ll be lounging in the dunes before you know it…

A first time for everything

It is of course possible that you’ve never been to Oerol before. And because the first time is always a bit unfamiliar, we’ve created an overview just for you of the main things you need to know so you can set foot on Terschelling like a real Oerol expert. Here you will find the festival programme for 2019!

Dates for your diary!

  • The big one: this year, Oerol runs from 14 through 23 June, so be sure to block these 10 days in your diary.
  • Check out the programme for 2019
  • On 28 May at 20:00 hours the general ticket sales start. A lot of tickets are sold during these advance sales. No tickets? No worries. Oerol is never completely sold out.
Programme 2019

Everything sorted with an All-in Arrangement

Go All-in at Oerol. We’ve made it really easy for you with the Oerol All-in Arrangements. With Oerol All-in, your whole Oerol is sorted in one go. This includes:

  • The ferry crossing (return trip!)
  • A bicycle
  • A place at a campsite
  • The festival wristband (What’s that? See below!)
  • Tickets for shows. Please note: there are different types of All-in Arrangements – each arrangement includes a different number of show tickets.

We can’t make it much easier than that – your instant ticket to being an Oerol veteran!

There are various types of tickets on offer –at All-in Arrangements you can choose the package that best suits you.

Buy an All-in Arrangement

The Oerol festival wristband

Want to make your own arrangements as much as possible while still experiencing Oerol? Then the festival wristband is for you. The facts:

  • You can buy a festival wristband for 26 Euros (for under 12s, 5 Euros).
  • The festival wristband gives you 10 days of access to more than 50 bands at the two festival sites – de Betonning and de Westerkeyn, as well as 16 expedition productions, Pop-up performances, talkshows and lots more Oerol.
  • Once the festival has started, the festival wristband costs 31 Euros (for under 12s, 8 Euros).
  • If you want to see shows that are not covered by the festival wristband, you will have to buy a separate ticket for these.
  • You can enter and leave Oerol using the same wristband. For example, if you come over for two different days – say the Monday and the Thursday – you can use the same festival wristband both times.
  • Bear in mind that the festival wristband does not include any ferry crossings, accommodation, bicycle or show tickets.
Buy a festival wristband

Tips for in your backpack!

Oerol is a holiday and a festival in one – here are a few tips for handy things to bring along to make the Oerol experience even more enjoyable – particularly those heroes who will be camping:

  • Clothing: warm clothing (layers, layers, layers!); swimsuit; good shoes/boots; flip-flops/sandals (note: flip-flops are not so good at the festival sites).
  • Accommodation: a warm sleeping bag; a good mat to sleep on and a gas stove/burner for cooking or making coffee.
  • A groundsheet; a hammock (there are trees); stools/folding chairs; a cool box; a torch (those ones you can wear on your head are particularly handy for night-time walking); a multi-tool/penknife with tin opener. Oerol loves open tins.
  • Also recommended: a fully charged power bank; a tick remover; sun cream; cushions (for those hard wooden benches).
  • Digital list: follow Oerol on Instagram and Facebook & listen to the music of Oerol 2019 on the Spotify playlist.

How to get to Oerol?

Oerol always takes place on Terschelling (the island off the northern coast of the Netherlands, between Vlieland and Ameland). It is reached by boat from Harlingen Haven, which you can get to by car, bus, the special festival bus or train. From Harlingen Haven, you take the ferry operated by Rederij Doeksen – you will need to reserve a place on the boat at Tip: book early, as the boats fill up quickly.

There is a bus service at Oerol, almost everything is also within walking distance, but we advise renting a bicycle – another good tip is to do this in advance too. Another handy tip: decorate your bike with something easily recognisable, because there will be a lot of people at Oerol riding rented bikes just like yours.

Where to stay at Oerol?

The island has a lot of places to stay. You can sleep in a Bed & Breakfast, a hotel, a hostel, or on a campsite, etc. For more information on the possibilities, it is best to contact VVV Terschelling. Terschelling gets very busy during Oerol, so book your accommodation in advance. However romantic sleeping in the dunes might sound, Terschelling can get very cold at night, and that sand really does get everywhere.

Here is a list of various campsites that are suitable for small tents:

See you at Oerol!

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