First time at Oerol?

Oerol is easy to arrange! This is all you need to know to visit our festival, well prepared!

Oerol 2020: Imagine Your Island

From Friday the 12th of June the warm-up will start, from Monday the 15th of June we will go live for five consecutive days. Together with the creators, an up-to-date programme has been put together that will largely take place virtually. Wherever you are: you will experience the island, as always, through the eyes of the creators, and the island feeling will never be far away! Read more here.

All of the information below is not appliccable to the Oerol 2020 edition.

A first time for everything

Hard to imagine but probably the case: you have never been to Oerol before. No worries: we will welcome every visitor with open arms. But a first time always is a bit awkward, we understand that. Especially visiting Oerol for many people seems to involve a bit more effort than your normal festival….

Travelling to an island far North. Checking out our extensive Theatreprogramme. Finding the right accomodation. Renting a bike. Finding your way around on the island. It isn’t as hard as you might think or be told it is: you don't need to be an expert to enjoy Oerol!

Therefore, Oerol created this page just for you. You will find everything you need to know about getting to our festival and finding your way around. And if the answers is not here already: this page will be updated regularly as we come closer to the festival.

First times firts: Oerol 2020 runs from June 12th through June 21st so block these days in your diary....

The Oerol festival wristband is on sale already. Untill june 11th 2020 you will get a nice early-bird discount.

General ticketsales for our theatreprogramme will start in may 2020. But you can already buy our special Theatre bundle.

You can already book your ferry, bike and accommodation of choice on the island!

The Oerol festival wristband

Imagine: 10 days of festival with 150+ activities for 3,10 euros per day..... That’s what our festival wristband is about.

Oerol can only offer such a variety of programming because all our visitors participate. For example by buying a (non-compulsory) Oerol wristband. That’s how we can keep our prices so low (compared to many other multi-day cultural festivals). The 2020 Oerol wristband will cost you 31 euros in presale* for adults.

And for that you get a lot of Oerol!

The Oerol wristband includes:

Unlimited acces to all the Oerol festivalsites for 10 days in a row.

  • Find 150+ activities at different locations spread over the island. Activities include: fine Food & Drinks, live-music, DJ’s, Pop-up performances and Oerol Lectures and Oerol Talks to feed your brain.

Acces to all of the Oerol Expeditions across the island.

  • Oerol is known for it's landscape art installations that connect nature, science and art. Find inspiration in many ways!

For some performances in our Theater programme you buy an additional ticket. This ticket gives acces to the specific performance together WITH your wristband.

The wristband does not include ferry crossings, accommodation or campingsites, bicycle rent or performance tickets.

*The special presale price of 31 Euros is available until june 11tht 2020. After that day your wristband will cost 36 Euros. Find all available prices here.

Tips for in your backpack!

Oerol is a holiday and a festival in one – here are a few tips for handy things to bring along to make the Oerol experience even more enjoyable – particularly those heroes who will be camping:

  • Clothing: warm clothing (layers, layers, layers!); swimsuit; good shoes/boots; flip-flops/sandals (note: flip-flops are not so good at the festival sites).
  • Accommodation: a warm sleeping bag; a good mat to sleep on and a gas stove/burner for cooking or making coffee.
  • A groundsheet; a hammock (there are trees); stools/folding chairs; a cool box; a torch (those ones you can wear on your head are particularly handy for night-time walking); a multi-tool/penknife with tin opener. Oerol loves open tins.
  • Also recommended: a fully charged power bank; a tick remover; sun cream; cushions (for those hard wooden benches).
  • Digital list: follow Oerol on Instagram and Facebook & listen to the music of Oerol 2019 on the Spotify playlist.

When to get to Oerol

Oerol starts Friday 12th of june. But in the days ahead of the festival activities are already starting to buzz on the island. So if you want to have a quiet entrance to the island and the festival we advise you to maybe book 1 or 2 days prior to the openingday.

The first weekend of the festival is also the busiest, the island is packed with visitors but also with guests, press and other professional visitors. If that’s your crowd: please come. If you like a calmer atmosphere: consider to visit Oerol in the midweek….arrive on Sunday or Monday and enjoy a relatively calm island and festival.

The last weekend of Oerol is a special treat. Some people come back after visiting the first weekend, others arrive late Friday evening and start partying straightaway. The island is buzzing and very very busy.

If you consider coming the last weekend, we suggest you stay over until Monday or Tuesday. Oerol celebrates the end of the festival with a special closing ceremony at sunset on the last festivalday: Sunday the 21st of June. You are now officially invited!

How to get to Oerol?

Oerol always takes place on Terschelling situated in the heart of the Waddenzee UNESCO World Heritage Area. You can reach the island by boat that departs from Harlingen Haven. Or maybe you are lucky enough to sail to Terschelling on a private boat or a charter…..

Travelling to Harlingen Haven

To travel to the harbour we advise you to choose for sustainable transport. Take our special festivalbus or any other busservice. Or come by train: a special train-ferry ticket is now available!

And if you choose to go to Harlingen Haven by car, take as many passengers with you as possible. Emtpy carseats? Try to find fellow travellers through services like Toogthr or Blablacar.

Travelling on the ferry

All ferry’s to and from Terschelling are operated by Rederij Doeksen. You can book your place on the boat already at We advise to book early to secure a place for the lowest possible price. If you can’t book the ferry anymore

Travelling on the ferry

All ferry’s to and from Terschelling are operated by Rederij Doeksen. You can book your place on the boat already at We advise to book early to secure a place for the lowest possible price. If you can’t book the ferry anymore on the dates you wished for, book a ticket anyway. You can change your ticket untill hours prior to your departure. Also a lot of tickets will become available in the weeks short before our festival. A lot of space on the ferry can be booked then because of last minute cancellations.

On the island, a lot of the activities take place within cycling distance. In the villages of Midsland and West-Terschelling activities are to be found even in walking distance. For your Oerol visit We advise renting a bicycle - if you feel fit enough. Otherwise you could consider renting an E-bike. Contact if you have specific questions about accessibility of our festival.

Biking is the perfect way to enjoy the festival, encounter surprises while you get around in a healthy way. Also there is a solid busservice available by Arriva. And why don’t you consider the chance of meeting locals while hitchhiking your way around the island?

Especially when you plan to visit Oerol in the first or last weekend, we suggest you already make reservations. Bikes are never totally unavailable but if you don’t want to risk to miss out: you can make bookings through the internet or by phone.

Where to stay at Oerol?

At Terschelling the variety of accomodation is huge! You can sleep in a Bed & Breakfast, a hotel, a hostel, or on a campsite: there are about 20.000 beds a night available during Oerol. For more information and accurate listings it is best to contact VVV Terschelling.

Terschelling gets very busy during Oerol, so try to book your accommodation in advance. For those who like last-minute adventure: wild camping is forbidden, but at the various campingsites across the island there will be limited spots available…..

See you at Oerol 2020!

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