Oerol Festival Wristband

Your access to 50+ bands, 16 expeditions, Pop-up performances, talk shows and much more Oerol. It pays off to purchase your festival band now.

We want to get you with at least one foot across the Waddensea now, so we already started the sale of our festival wristband!

With the Oerol writband you will have access to all Oerol festivalgrounds for ten days in a row. Also you can visit Pop-up performances all over the island and enjoy unique landscape arts and installations from our Expeditionprogramme. Unlimited! And what about special Oerol talks to feed your brain?

Moreover: Oerol is a lot cheaper than many other multi-day festivals and nowhere else you will find such a unique programme.

So get in and come to our island, Terschelling. We really look forward to seeing you on Oerol!

An island full of experiences* awaits you!

P.S. To purchase your wristband you will have to log in to your account in [My Oerol].
Don’t have an account? You can register in [My Oerol]. After registering you can add your festival wristband to your shoppingbasket and continue to the checkout.

*For performances in our theatreprogramme you will have to buy separate tickets.
Together with your Oerol wristband these will give you access to the specific performance locations.

Get me one of those wristbands now Oerol!

These are the prices:

During the festival**

10 day Oerol wristband

4-12 yr

8 euro

11 euro

10 day Oerol wristband


31 euro

36 euro

10 day CJP wristband - discount

26 euro

31 euro

1-Day Oerol wristband ***

17,50 euro

Children up to the age of 4 are free of charge.

Please note: after your purchase you will receive an e-voucher with which you can pick up your festival band from 11 June. This can be done anyway at the ferryterminal of Doeksen in Harlingen but also at various locations on Terschelling. We will inform you on this page well in time about the locations where you can redeem your voucher on the island.

**The special presale price applies until Thursday 11 June 2020.

*** Valid on all of the Oerol festivalgrounds and for all of the Expeditions. Only for sale at Terschelling during the festival.

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