Oerol wristband is now a Fanwristband

This year your Oerol Festivalwristband is renamed to Fanwristband. By purchasing a Fanwristband you ensure that we can still contract a number of creators to make work this year.

Why a Fanwristband?

If you buy a Fanwristband now, you will be supporting Oerol in these difficult times. You ensure that the festival continues to exist and that next year (hopefully!) there will be a full-fledged Oerol again. But most of all, with your support, we will give a number of creators the chance to get down to work this year. With your Fanwristband, you will be the first to hear about the programme for that day every morning during Oerol 2020.

Not unimportant either...

We will send you a physical Fanwristband. A true collectors item! With this item you can show off -if you want, during the entire summer- that you are a real Oerolfan. That you support us. And we are already eternally grateful for your contribution.

Please note: people who have ordered their Fanband through shipping company Doeksen will only receive their Fanwristband after the 19th of June. To do this, you first have to fill in a form from Oerol, which will be sent to you after 19 June.

The Fanband costs 31 euro. From now on, Fanwristbands are also for sale at the VVV tourist office at the harbour of West-Terschelling. You can wear it immediately then!

P.S. From now on, the Fanwristbands will be sold in the webshop, so we can collect your addressdetails.

Get your Fanwristband now!

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