Do I Move You

Oerol Upcoming: extra Oerol festival weekend on Terschelling!

Update 30-9: Unfortunately we have decided to cancel the new festivalweekend Oerol Upcoming - Do I Move You. Read more here.

We missed you this year! We can't wait to meet you again. To experience art together and gain experiences in the beautiful Terschelling landscape. That is why we are organizing a festival weekend for a small audience from Friday 23 to Sunday 25 October. We were already planning to speak up more often, but in this corona era the need is felt even more. We are also looking for new creative forms for the necessary connection between the arts and the public. In addition to a live program, a digital version will remain on the air so that you can participate worldwide.

Oerol Upcoming, as this festival weekend is called, consists of three festival routes under the title Do I Move You. Two physical on the island, one digital on The Imaginary Island. On Saturday and Sunday a special festival bus runs from Utrecht and Amsterdam, so that a route can be seen in one day, without overnight stay (but with sunset).

Do I Move You

When singer and songwriter Jeangu Macrooy was asked in an interview during Oerol 2020 - The Imaginary Island - about a reaction to the Black Lives Matter demonstrations of that moment, he quoted the singer and activist Nina Simone: “An artist duty is to reflect the times. ”. Oerol recognizes and acknowledges this. With Do I Move You, also a title of a song by Nina Simone, we reflect together with our makers on the current era: how do they inspire and reflect and how do they protest with their work?

Oerol Upcoming - Do I Move You focuses on a young, multidisciplinary interested audience, so that a new generation discovers the beauty and the necessity of art, but also the enchantment of Oerol.

Image: Shishaniby / Chris Philippo

Tip of the veil

RIGHT ABOUT NOW INC. composes the Soul Salon route, which takes the public into the development of soul music: from Africa to the Caribbean, from the US to Europe. On the other route Songs of Change, singer Shishani Vranckx gives a solo concert of her contemporary protest songs. Artist duo Plastique Fantastique explores together with the audience new forms of contact with an installation of plastic objects by overlooking. The digital route includes collaboration with Paquet, in which artists put together a personal package of important sources of inspiration with a story behind each source.

Festival routes: Soul Salon, Songs of Change and Het Imaginaire Eiland

To streamline the audience on Terschelling, we use fixed routes for fixed groups. The routes are multidisciplinary, and show work by a diverse group of makers who are all engaged in the art of activism in their own way.

The physical routes are on West-Terschelling (on foot), and from Middle to East-Terschelling (organized bus transport). There is also a digital route.

A small context program can be seen and heard outside the routes.

What about corona?

The program and routes have been put together and organized in such a way that the public can follow the routes safely and corona-proof. Of course we always remain dependent on (new) regulations from the government and the municipality of Terschelling.

Keep an eye on our website! We will keep you informed of news and ticket sales here

Image: I Sphere / Plastique Fantastique

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