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At Oerol, visitors can enjoy theater performances, Expedition projects, music, installations, talkshows, circus and spoken word all over the island.

Oerol 2021

This year Oerol could not continue as we are used to because of the coronavirus.

With the tidal landscape of Terschelling as a source of inspiration, Oerol focuses specifically on new forms of location theater supplemented or in interaction with dance, spoken word, visual art, design, landscape architecture, new media, music and performance.

Oerol annually forms a program consisting of approximately 35 theater performances, 15 Expedition projects supplemented by dozens of concerts, Tent Theater and Pop-up performances all over the island. But for Oerol 2021 it is not yet clear what form Oerol will take.


For the programming, the festival’s artistic directors – together with the programmers – are constantly on the lookout for professional projects that can make an original, interesting contribution to the festival.

Productions are programmed exclusively by invitation through the festival. This means that it is not possible to apply to take part. The programmers scout the acts/productions themselves. The same applies to the Expedition projects.

Should you nevertheless wish to bring your work to the attention of the programmers, send an e-mail, with a brief description of the project and including a link to your website or YouTube, to

In view of the large number of applications and the specific choices made by the festival, the chances of any particular production being included in the festival programme are very small. If the artistic team is interested in your project, they will contact you within a period of two weeks. If you have not heard anything from us, you can assume that the project has not been selected for the festival programme. We cannot enter into any correspondence on this.

Download Oerols Terms and Conditions here

More for artists

Ticket sale agreement theatre shows

The theatre performances are financed through the proceeds of ticket sales.

Sense of Place

It is not uncommon for development to start with the dream of an individual.

Press accreditation

Oerol invites journalists and other media reporters to report on the festival.

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