Oerol is learning how to make the festival accessible. Oerol wants to grow into a festival where the word 'disability' is no longer necessary, because it no longer plays a role. In short: an inclusive festival.


You can filter the programme by accessibility in our digital programme. This will give you an initial idea of which parts of the programme are best suited to your needs. Below is an explanation of the various accessibility terms and possibilities.

Language no problem

These performances contain little or no spoken language. Music and visual presentation are the main elements.

Deaf / hard of hearing

These performances contain little or no spoken language. Performances in which music plays an important role are often excluded from this term. These can be found under the filter Language no problem.

The final weekend (17-19 June) will be dedicated to 'Visual Language', with many performances accompanied by an Dutch Sign Language interpreter or a written interpreter.

Would you like to make use of an Dutch Sign Language interpreter outside of the focus weekend performances? Please send a WhatsApp message to 06 177 40 804 and we will do our best to find an interpreter for you!

Photo: Nichon Glerum

Wheelchair access and reduced mobility

These performances are easily accessible for people in wheelchairs and those with reduced mobility. The access paths are paved or semi-paved and the walking route is not too long. Unfortunately, this is not possible everywhere, due to the natural environment in which the Festival takes place. We will be happy to help you plan a different route to the performance, your stay or transport (e.g. beach wheelchairs and wheelchair toilets) during Oerol.

Some performances have special wheelchair spots. If this is the case, it will be indicated on the performance page. This page also tells you how to reserve a wheelchair space.

You will find adapted toilets at all Festival Sites (de Betonning, de Luwte, Club W and Om Oost). There are also adapted toilets in several bars and restaurants on Terschelling.

Blind / visually impaired

In these performances, language and/or music play the leading role.

Companions and carers welcome

Will you be bringing a companion or interpreter to Oerol because of a disability? Please report this to the Oerol Accessibility Coordinator. We can look at the possibilities together.

Guide dogs welcome

The entire festival is accessible for a guide dogs. The dog must wear a harness that clearly shows that it is a guide dog.

Photo: Marleen Annema


Rederij Doeksen's ferries are wheelchair accessible and suitable for people with reduced mobility. Read more about accessibility at Rederij Doeksen.

Most visitors use a bike to get to the performances during Oerol. Do you have trouble walking or are the distances too far for a wheelchair? Consider renting an electric scooter through Fietsverhuur Zeelen.

Parking with a disabled parking card is free of charge in the designated parking spaces.

The public transport buses on Terschelling are wheelchair accessible.


Oerol has contact with various locations where accommodation and support is available for wheelchair users and people with mobility problems. For more information, e-mail the Oerol Accessibility Coordinator.

It is possible to arrange for home care. For example via Buurtzorgteam Terschelling or Thuiszorg Het Friese Land.

Appliances can be borrowed or hired via Medipoint.


We are happy to provide tailored advice and, as an organisation, we are learning how to make Oerol accessible. Please contact the Oerol Accessibility Coordinator if you have any tips, questions or wishes. Email or call 0562 448 448.

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